What is REBarcampRDU

Rich Jacobson said that REBarCamp is a place where, “people who are passionate about what they know, are willing to share freely with those who are hungry to learn.” That’s the best description about what those of us who are helping create the REBacamp in Raleigh are doing.  We are creating an environment where folks are not selling you anything – they are just sharing their knowledge and ideas so that we can all grow and have stronger businesses.

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Understanding the “spirit” of this event is simple.. it’s people meeting people, learning, sharing, gathering, and networking. The knowledge you gain here is invaluable.. the friendships and associations you make here, can change your life and your business!

REBarcampRDU of the past

REBarCamp is a BarCamp for Real Estate (R.E. BarCamp). What that means is that the event is not structured like a typical planned conference. Every session is not planned out in advance. Nobody is paid to deliver a session. Anybody can deliver a session and attendees are strongly encouraged to participate.

If anyone can deliver a session, won’t some of the presentations be terrible?

Possibly, but it is not typical. Some of the best and brightest minds attend these events. They lead sessions and they sit in on sessions. REBarCampRDU sessions are group sessions. They are not meant to be presentations by a single individual. Because the audience participates, sessions that may start out a little rocky often adjust and get redirected by the participation and collaboration of the audience. Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are discouraged.

If you feel like you’re being sold, or if a session is really bad and your participation can’t turn it around, practice the rule of two feet – get up and walk out.  No one will be offended.

That sounds like chaos. How is that productive?

It can be a little chaotic, but some of the best ideas and invention are derived out of chaos.  “Chaos Creates Opportunities.” If you go in looking for a very structured day, you will be disappointed. What you get out of our REBarCampRDU event is what you put into it.

What topics are covered in the sessions?

This depends completely on who volunteers to lead a session. The sessions are frequently related to technology usage in real estate but cover any topic from mortgages, to photography to philanthropy.  We’ve been told by attendees this year they want to talk about Leadership and Work/Life Balance.  If you want to hear a specific session, facilitate it!

Who runs the REBARCamp events?

REBarCamps are run completely by unpaid volunteers

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How much does it cost?

REBARCampRDU will only cost $35 thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors.  Lunch is included.

How do I maximize my REBarCamp experience?

1. Pick sessions of interest to you.
2. Participate, ask questions.
3. If you hear someone speak about something interesting, find them later and connect in the hallway.
4. Spontaneous sessions happen – embrace them!

“I was standing outside looking at the session board with some fellow attendees. None of the sessions on the board looked appealing to me at that point in time. A group of us were looking for a more advanced session. On the fly, we grabbed a group and did a spontaneous session on the beach. We literally sat on the sand and held a fantastic and memorable session.”  We won’t have a Beach, but there are plenty of tables and benches outside that you can gather at.

What if I don’t want to lead a session?

You don’t have to! Some people like to lead, other people like to listen, but don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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