What is rebarcamp

REBarCamp is just the way you hold a meeting. It‘s a one day event lead by participants, who share best practices, learn about innovative tools and network!

Casual event with Collaboration encouraged – people passionate about real estate, no sales pitch allowed!

What is REBarCamp

REBarCamp is a unique event that happens all over the Country, where Real Estate Industry professionals gather to learn, teach, network

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This is the type of event that spreads out into small interactive groups so there’s limited space, and tickets to the REBarCampRDU will likely sell out

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Sessions will be based upon what atttendees want to learn more about, so raise your hand, let us know about topics you want to dig deeper on

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Join us at REBarCampRDU on 4/18/23

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Valerie Garcia REBarCampRDU Thought Leader

Valerie Garcia

Facilitator for REBarCampRDU

You are a Weirdo 

“We are taught early on that we beat our competition by being better, but what if we have been wrong all along? This session takes you on a journey to discover why different is actually better than better. You’ll hear stories of some of history’s most amazing outliers and odd ducks, and uncover why embracing our weird is an awesome way to do business…MORE

david patterson dp3

David Patterson

Facilitator for REBarCampRDU

We All Need Work / Life Balance 

“We are all so busy and pulled with so many demands on us – at home, at work, wherever we go. How do we cut through to the things that matter? How do we really carve out the space to create amazing change in our lives? We’re pursuing multiple streams of income because we heard that was the smart thing to do, but the result is that we’re not really Mastering anything. What would happen if we focused on just ONE big goal? MORE